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Image by Pablo Merchán Montes

About Our Chocolate

Find out why we use only the highest quality, ethical chocolate in the world.

Why Valrhona?


Made by Professionals for Professionals. 

  • Based out of a small town in France, Valrhona is known to create some of the highest, if not the highest, quality chocolate you can get. It is used by the most elite and experienced pastry chefs and chefs across the world who value the care and detail they put into making their chocolate. 

  • The chefs that create their chocolate are highly trained masters of taste, and have learned how to enhance the flavour of cacao without allowing sugar or anything else to overpower it. Everything is ultra rich and ultra smooth. You won’t find any of those overly sweet, waxy type chocolates here. Yes, even their white chocolate is amazing!


Committed to Consistency

  • They are a leader in the chocolate production industry because they understand every aspect of chocolate. From growing, to refining, they have experts who work in every stage of the production. They own and operate the plantations in Venezuela and the Dominican Republic where their beans are grown. Their involvement with every stage of production allows their team to focus on delivering a product that has the absolute best flavour profile and consistency.  


Creator of Unique Flavours

  • The Valrhona Inspiration line of chocolate (used in our raspberry eclair and tart for example) has allowed industry professionals across the globe develop a unique experience for customers. Each chocolate feve (their “chips”) is packed full of  intense flavour from freeze dried fruits or deeply roasted nuts. If you have ever had our raspberry eclair, you can thank Valrhona for the incredible flavour!


B Corp Certified

  • Valrhona is a leader in sustainability when it comes to chocolate companies. With their commitment to using 100% traceable cocoa beans, fair income for their farmers, reduction of C02 emmisons, equal representation of men and women and much more! Read all about their sustainability practices below.

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