Our latest assorted box of macarons is here! 


FREE delivery over $20


Order now for contactless delivery in Calgary, Edmonton & Area and Regina. Dates below.


ALL proceeds from this purchase will be going to Black Visions Collective. This is a black trans and queer led organization that is commited to dismantling systems of oppression and violence and shifting the public narrative to create transformative long term change. 

Thank you for the support. Together we can make a difference.


Each Box includes one of each:


Raspberry (red)

Peanut Butter and Chocolate (orange)

Caramlized Banana (yellow)

Strawberry Pistachio (green)

Wild Blueberry Vanilla Bean (blue)


Delivery dates will be as follows:


Calgary June 13

Edmonton June 15

Regina June 29

Pride Assorted Box of 5 Macarons

Delivery City
  • Delivery will take place for Calgary June 13, Edmonton & Area June 15 and Regina June 29 . If saving for later, store the box in the fridge or freezer for maximum freshness.

    Drop off will be contact-less. We will knock on your door as well as send you an email once the product has arrived. If you are in a condo building, we will buzz your apartment. All product will be left on your doorstep, or as close as we can get for apartments. Once we drop it off it is then the sole responsibiity of the purchaser. We won't be held responsible for lost or stolen packages. Thank you for understanding! 


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