Our latest collection of hand dipped chocolates! 


Each box features 8 decadent flavours, packaged in a beautiful red box.


Flavours are:

Milk Chocolate - silky smooth, caramalized milk chocolate ganache

Hazelnut - layers of crunchy, toasted hazelnut praline and a smooth milk chocolate ganache

Lemon - a smooth white chocolate ganache infused with real lemons 

Raspberry Pistachio - a crunchy layer of roasted pistachio praline, beneath a raspberry ganache

Pecan Coffee - dark chocolate ganache infused with coffee, a top a layer of toasted pecan gianduja and chopped pecans

Earl Grey - dark chocolate ganache infused with the finest earl grey tea

Vanilla Bean - smooth white chocolate ganache made with top quality, organic vanilla beans

Caramelized Honey - a milk chocolate ganache made with local honey that has been caramelized for added flavour


Learn about why we use only Valrhona, the best chocolate in the world here


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Dipped Chocolate Box - 8 piece

  • Please store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.